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Aquatic Macroinvertebrates

So, what's included? Let's wade in! (See what I did there?)

Overview: Stop here first to watch a quick video walk through of the entire module, lesson by lesson. We’ll give you a peek at what’s inside, and tell you how to get started.

Lesson & “Going Further”: The second stop in your journey will be Lesson 2, where we have a short family video lesson and provide a “going further” resources PDF for you to download and explore.

Field Trip: You’ll be headed out to your local stream to collect aquatic macroinvertebrates and to use a free app to identify them. In this lesson, we’re taking you to our local stream to show you exactly how to facilitate this field experience. Don’t worry - if you’d prefer written directions, the PDF below the video has you covered!

Nature Journal: You’re taking your nature journal with you on the field trip to the stream. We will guide you through what to observe, and how to record it in your journal - at any level of artistic development! 

Tech Tool Tutorial: We provide an in depth video tutorial on how to use a free app to identify and learn about aquatic macroinvertebrates in real-time during the field experience.

At-Home Activities: Finally, we'll give you two choices for activities to do after the field trip - one for all learners, and the other for older learners. These activities are a great way to keep the learning going, even after the field trip is over.

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