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Field Trip Science Membership

The Field Trip Academy has opened the doors to a new membership devoted to connecting homeschoolers with each other and with real world, hands-on science experiences that work for a wide range of ages and stages.

We provide monthly learning modules based on field experiences and ongoing community science projects.

Our step-by-step videos and downloadables show you how to facilitate rich, easy to implement science activities that connect learners with science, the outdoors, and other homeschoolers.

6 Winter Community Science Project Guides

Get ready to download our newest community science offering - 6 Winter Community Science Project Guides.

We sifted through tons of potential projects and figured out which ones would work well for homeschooling families this winter!

Each guide has all the details you need for signing up, participating successfully, and reporting your data to the project organizers.

For this bundle, we chose 3 indoor projects and 3 outdoor projects.

Natural History Museum Guide

This guide will help you take a successful, stress-free trip to the natural history museum of your choice. 

We help you plan your trip and then provide you with a wide variety of lessons and activities that your learners can do before, during, and after their museum trip.

The lessons are geared for kids of different ages, interests, and learning styles. Through the activities, they can practice reading for understanding, learning new vocabulary, analytical thinking, creative writing, reading diagrams, sketching, counting, calculating, graphing, evaluating, designing, constructing, and more!

    Dinosaurs: Natural History Museum Activity

    Do you love going to natural history museums with your homeschoolers, and wish there were museum activities that were tailored for you? Are your tweens and teens getting tired of doing the "same old thing" every time you use your museum membership? We hear you!

    This structured activity guide will help your homeschoolers see their next dinosaur exhibit visit through a new lens. They will sketch, measure, calculate and graph their way through this activity!

    Includes a $5 off coupon for our larger product, the Natural History Museum Guide. If you like this activity, you can upgrade to the guide, which has even more museum activities for your homeschoolers!

    Aquatic Macroinvertebrates

    Get a sampling of what our Field Trip Science Membership is like - without the commitment!

    In this module, we will help you and your homeschoolers take a field trip to your local freshwater creek or stream. There, you'll collect, identify, and report macroinvertebrates and other organisms to an ongoing community science effort.

    Click "learn more" for a detailed list of what's inside!

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